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There is a saying from Luxun, Chinese Great Modern ideologist that  Road is built up by People. As every enterprise cultural is from generation to generation by its long history, Air Breeze Industrial Co., Ltd writes its own history by every steps.

Taiwan Shih Chen Electric Appliance Factory, the headquarter of Air Breeze Industrial Co., Ltd. which was established in 1949. It was the first factory succeed in exporting ceiling fans to UnitedAmericafor more than 60 years. Since the second half of the last century,Taiwanarea  has been implemented the diversified economic development policy which ,has been leading a drastic development in light and heavy industries. As the company has been growing fast, it established CEI company inThailand, covering 1,000 acres area.  It was the first Chinese enterprise in the mainland,Taiwanand Hongkong setting up the decorative ceiling fans.. Meanwhile, it was listed on public stock exchange in 1997 in Thailand, and became the first and only one decorative ceiling fans manufacturing plant ever listing on the stock market in the mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong.



  • Dynamics

    1. How to choose a decorative ceiling fan

      Abstract: the Shakespeare fan lamp dealer tells you how to choose the decorative ceiling fan, such as whether you take the number of lights and lights to see the need for lighting, even if you don't add a light or a little better. Speed control is usually done by hand chain, and can also be equipped with remote control or wall control.

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    2. Participate in the Hongkong autumn Electronics Exhibition

      Abstract: Hongkong autumn Electronics Exhibition opened in October 13, 2012. With the latest products, exhibitors received great attention.In October 13, 2012, the Hongkong autumn Electronics Exhibiti

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  • Industry information

    1. Daily maintenance of home used lamps and lanterns

      Because of improper use of lamps and lanterns in later stage, lamps and lanterns may soon fail, which will bring great inconvenience to daily life. If you want to use it normally in the period of use of the lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to have a correct maintenance method for the lamp. The lamp master will take you to know what problems should be paid attention to in the daily use of the lamps. 1, lamps and lanterns must be used at preset voltage and frequency. 2, any grounding luminaire must check the grounding condition frequently. 3, if there are special restrictions and prescribed lamps, it is usually used at ambient temperature of 5-35 degrees. 4, indoor lamps and lanterns can not be moved to outdoor use. 5, electrical, gas, kerosene stove and other heater and its components or directly encountered steam place, should not use ordinary bulbs. 6. The light bulb that can not exceed the specified number of tiles in the lamp. If the light bulb power is less than the designed power, the light intensity can not reach the standard. If the power of the light bulb is larger than the designed power, it may cause the circuit to short circuit, and it will cause the fire more seriously. 7, looking for a professional lamp cleaning master for a year and 1-2 professional cleaning of the lamps and lanterns. At the same time, the professional master can find the installation screw and the anti shedding device without loosening and corrosion, such as loosening to tighten, if there is obvious corrosion phenomenon, it needs to be repaired or replaced. 8, when changing lights, dismantling lampshades and fuses, we must remember that we must cut off the power supply. 9, it is not possible to place articles such as paper and cloth near the illuminator or to cover the illuminator, so as to prevent fires caused by high temperature. 10, use warm water to scrub or wring dry soaping water cloth scrub lamps, can not use gasoline, volatile oil and other scrubbing. 11, the metal parts of lamps and lanterns can not be wiped with corrosive liquids, so as to prevent the destruction of metal protective films and rust. 12, when there are abnormal situations when using lamps, they should stop using, cut off the power and check. 13, regular maintenance and maintenance of the use of lamps and lanterns, welding in the use of chemical reaction, especially easy aging, these include the drive, welding, socket, screws, wires and so on. Replace the deformed, rusty parts. 14, check whether the lifting face or load-bearing surface is deformed or weighed enough. If there is need for reinforcement, The life of the general lamps and lanterns is very long. If you can give a reasonable maintenance and replacement of the lamps and lanterns in use, it is believed that the lighting can maintain a good long state in the life period and ensure the safety of the user.

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    2. How about the safety of the chandelier with a chandelier with a fan

      There are many kinds of chandeliers, and fan chandeliers as a new breed are attracting more attention. The fan chandelier has both the practicability and chandelier decoration of the fan, but many people are very worried. Is the chandelier with fans safe? When guests enter the door, it is necessary to see the living room, and the chandelier in the living room is undoubtedly a point attracting guests' eyeballs. Fan chandelier has an unparalleled retro appeal. It can also be used as a fan, which is much loved by decorating people. However, many people will worry about whether the chandelier with fans is safe. Is the fan chandelier safe

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