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As one of the most advanced factories in the decorative ceiling fan industry, which has been exported to the world since the early days, Chungho Electric has been very strict in its insistence on quality, but this almost stringent quality requirement is the main spirit of Chungho Electric which is still standing. From the detailed inspection of incoming materials, to the online inspection, and the independent inspection of finished products, we again realize the importance of quality is life in Chungho Electric. Not to accept defective products, not to create defective products, not to flow out of defective products, is every employee of Chung-Ho Electric to say aloud and must be practiced by the benchmark. We treat every customer with first-class quality and put quality into action, because only when we can achieve near-imperfection can we win the recognition and trust of our customers.

Chungho Electric maintains the same professional R&D team as before, and develops beautiful and durable products on its own or according to customers' needs. Over the past few years, we have been awarded many patents for utility models and many patents for appearance, and have become the leader in the decorative ceiling fan industry.

The reason why we have insisted on developing and manufacturing decorative ceiling fans for more than 60 years is that they are both decorative and functional, providing both indoor air conditioning and lighting functions. Decorative ceiling fans in the summer, the ceiling fan positive and negative switch to the positive direction, the resulting wind chill effect (wind chill) so that the human body directly feel the temperature difference relative to the room temperature of 8 effect. Therefore, the set temperature of the air conditioner can be adjusted upward, saving energy up to 40% or more according to the statistical values of European and American countries.

In winter, because the proportion of warm air is lighter than cold air, the air convection effect generated by the ceiling fan forward and reverse switch to the reverse direction, so that the indoor air to achieve uniform temperature effect, if there is a heating and air conditioning with, more comfortable feel the effect of unprecedented

We only have one earth, in recent years, global warming is becoming more and more serious, energy saving and carbon reduction is the obligation of everyone today, the function of decorative ceiling fans, is undoubtedly the best choice for their own energy saving and saving money, and can do their part for the earth, therefore, in recent years, Chung Ho Electric has been vigorously promoting decorative ceiling fans in the country, not only the promotion of products, but also the promotion of ideas.

The corporate culture of Chungho Electric does not have the so-called high-sounding words, but only the physical actions of each director, and indeed the words to achieve the effect. The corporate culture of Chungho Electric is to do what we say we will do, to be honest and responsible, to be diligent and frugal, and to set an example. To create a united, unified corporate atmosphere, identify with the company, the formation of a harmonious and consistent, no exceptions, up and down the heart of the enterprise centripetal force. Daily routine management meeting is the best time to listen to the management team, through multi-directional multi-faceted communication, to achieve the best effect of the exchange of views, ideas, communication, questions and answers.

We have established a stable and advanced design team, which can make special designs according to customers' needs and supply customers with competitive prices.

Combining production experience and the top technical team to ensure the stability of quality and product innovation, Shakespeare's European-style luxury decorative ceiling fan full range of products through 3C certification and foreign well-known certification such as UL/CE/TUV. Our quality service team is guaranteed to help you choose the best ceiling fans and lighting, and to provide the best after-sales service. Choose Shakespeare, the best partner for your successful business.

Quality is life

Innovation is the blood

Ideal is the soul

Harmony is power

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